Omaha Basement and Foundation Crack Repair Contractor

Concrete foundations crack and when they do water can enter.  This water can then damage your basement carpets, furniture and other belongings.  Water can also cause mold and mildew to grow, causing unsafe living conditions for your family.

Stop the water from entering your basement by using Metro Poured Walls Waterproofing.  We will come to your home or business and stop the water from leaking into your basement.  Our concrete crack repair process is a fast, proven and clean solution using the most effective materials.

Basement cracks in concrete foundations that leak water are quickly repaired from the inside of your home.  There is no need to dig up the exterior of your foundation and damage your landscaping.

The cracks that need repaired are injected with a resin that expands inside the crack.  This seals the crack entirely, from the inside to outside and top to bottom.

Injecting a crack in a foundation

Metro Poured Walls uses Applied Technologies concrete crack repair materials

Our Advantages

  • 10 Year  Warranty
  • Professional Staff
  • Trained Technicians
  • Fast and Economical

Basement Crack Waterproofing

The concrete foundation of your home creates the basement area that you live in. When this foundation cracks, water can leak into the basement. Water in the basement causes mold, mildew and unpleasant odors

There are many causes of a concrete foundation crack. You should know that most of the cracks can be repaired from the inside. Your home will not need to be disturbed on the outside. This basement crack repair is a low cost process that is quick and very clean.

We will repair your leaking cracked concrete wall by injecting a liquid polyurethane into it. This liquid polyurethane expands inside the foundation crack on contact with water to form a closed cell foam. This closed cell foam fills the leaking basement crack from top to bottom and front to back. When completed your basement wall crack will be waterproof.

Foundation Crack Repair Advantages

  • Stop leaking water
  • Economical for the owner
  • Fast Repair
  • All work done on the inside
  • Clean

Technician injecting
a basement wall crackTechnician injecting
a basement wall crack
Basement Wall Crack Repair

Concrete basement and foundation crack repair is done from the inside of the basement. A technician will not have to dig up the foundation on the outside. The concrete basement crack is filled entirely by the liquid polyurethane. The liquid polyurethane expands on contact with water inside the foundation crack and seals the basement wall crack.

Once completed the foundation crack will not leak, water will not enter your basement and your possesions will be safe.