Omaha Concrete Driveway Sealing

You should protect your concrete driveway from damage caused by freezing and de-icing salt attack.  MPW-Waterproofing seals concrete driveways in the Metro Omaha area.  Our experienced and professional staff will seal your concrete driveway or patio at an affordable price.  We can also seal your concrete sidewalk against damage caused by de-icing salts and degradation from water absorbtion.

MPW-Waterproofing uses concrete sealers made by Applied Technologies.

Causes of Concrete Driveway Damage

Unsealed concrete naturally absorbs water. When this water freezes it expands in volume by 9%. This expansion puts stress on the concrete that causes it to spall and flake.

Pitted concrete 
damaged from de-icing salts.Pitted concrete
damaged from de-icing salts.
Dangers of De-Icing Salts

Many people treat their concrete driveways and sidewalks with salt during the winter. This salt soaks into the concrete. When the temperature drops below the working temperature of the salt, the water refreezes. This water again expands and puts pressure on the concrete and causes it to spall and flake.

The de-icing salt can cause the steel reinforcement in the concrete to corrode. This further weakens the concrete and can cause cracking and failure.

Natural Look Concrete Sealing

By far the most common type of concrete driveway or sidewalk is the natural look of a brushed concrete installation. We use a sealer that preserves this look so that you do not have a glossy look.

Stamped concrete sealed
for protection and beautyStamped concrete sealed
for protection and beauty
Decorative Concrete Sealing

Decorative concrete is becoming a popular feature of many homes. The concrete can be colored or stamped to look like stone, brick or other natural building material. It is common for these to be coated with a glossy sealer. We can apply a sealer to bring out the color and maintain the wet and glossy look while protecting it.

Concrete Sealing Process

We will sweep the concrete and clean it if needed. Then a trained technician will apply the correct water repellent to seal your concrete.