Omaha Concrete Foundation Contractor

Start your new home off right with a strong foundation made of poured concrete.  Metro Poured Walls understands the importance of straight, square and level concrete foundation walls for your project.  We also can build retaining walls.

Since 1978, Metro Poured Walls has been delivery quality concrete foundations and retaining walls to our customers in the Omaha metro area.  We can assist you with rebar sizing and spacing, drainage, gravel backfill and the foundation waterproofing product to keep your belongings safe and dry.

A Complete Concrete Foundation

Metro Poured Walls delivers complete foundations to our customers.  This includes the foundation waterproofing, foundation drainage and the foundation itself.  We have 8' and 9' panels to build your walls.  This means that we can deliver virtually any height of wall that you need. 

Brick Texture Foundation Panels

Ask about our brick textured foundation forms.  Once the wall is poured, your foundation will look feel like a real brick wall.  This gives a much nicer look to your basement than traditional smooth face forms.

Concrete Services Provided

  • Footings
  • Walls
  • Brick face textured forms
  • Smooth face forms
  • Foundation waterproofing
  • Water drainage
  • Retaining walls