Omaha Home Waterproofing

Begin your home's construction with a dry basement by MPW-Waterproofing.  Our waterproofing division uses quality foundation waterproofing materials to keep your basement dry.  By waterproofing the foundation, you can rest assured that when it rains, your downstairs rec room, living area or storage space will be dry.

Waterproofing the foundation improves the air quality of your home.  Water and water vapor are unable to get inside the basement areas that are treated.  This prevents mildew and mold from being ableto grow inside your home's basement.

Why You Should Waterproof Your Basement

The simple answer is that without waterproofing, your basement could leak.  This water can cause mold, mildew and unsafe air quality in your home.  By sealing your basement with a seamless waterproofing membrane, you can be sure that your belongings will be safe from water penetration.

Whether you use your basement for storage or finish it for living space, you want to be sure that water will not leak into it.  Water can cause damage to carpet and furniture and allow harmful mold to grow. 

Not All Waterproofing Is The Same

Traditionally basements were coated with damproofing.  This is a thin coating that stops water vapor from entering.  However it does not protect the basement should the foundation crack.  Metro-Poured Walls uses the J-Cote Waterproofing Membrane that wil stretch over shrinkage cracks that can develop.  This provides a barrier against water and keeps your belongings dry.

Application of J-CoteApplication of J-Cote
J-Cote Waterproofing

Our trained and staff installs the J-Cote Waterproofing Membrane.  This is a true waterproofing membrane that stops water, water vapor and bridges cracks.  By using J-Cote, you can rest assured that your basement will have a dry and safe living area.

MPW-Waterproofing uses foundation waterproofing materials by Applied Technologies.