Omaha Soil Gas and Water Vapor Reduction Contractor

MPW-Waterproofing  can protect your home's basement from soil gases and water vapor.  Our skilled staff will instruct you on how to reduce the water vapor that causes mold, mildew and and musty odor of a basement.  Soil gasses such as radon and methane can be reduced by sealing the inside of your basement, without digging up the outside of your home.

Radon gas and other soil gasses are naturally occuring in many soils.  MPW-Waterproofing can reduce the amount of gasses entering your home at an economical cost.

Basement Dampness Causes

Water surrounds your basement.  That is because the soil around the foundation is full of groundwater.  This hidden reservoir of water then evaporates into the basement area of your unprotected home.  Water vapor then collects in your basement where it can cause unsafe living conditions by causing mold and mildew to grow.  Your homes ventilation system can then spread this to other areas of the home.

Application of interior concrete sealers on you basement floor and walls can reduce this effect.  Ask how our penetrating sealers can reduce the amount of water vapor that gets into your basement.

Harmful Soil Gasses

Basements can collect harmful soils gasses such as radon, methane, hydrogen sulfide and other volatile organic compounds.  That is because concrete and cinder block walls let gasses into them.  By applying a sealer to your basement's floors and walls, you can reduce the amount of gas transmission and rest assured that your home is safe and healthy.

Sealing the Floor and Walls of a Basement Will:

  • Reduce musty odors
  • Cut down on mold growth
  • Lessen the amount of soil gasses in the basement

Sealing your floor and walls is a low cost way to ensure that your home is safe for your family and pets.